Reworks is a compilation of 4 track that i reshape and compile on a really limited edition vinyl. From ambient to down tempo acid-like track, each songs are made on a totally hardware set-up.
"You're searching for nothing" & ""music for an empty train" were initially edited on my first EP on I Low You Records in april 2020.
"Lost track" is an old recording that i made in 2018 and edited in September 2020. It was initially recorded for my ambient Ep "panorama" wich were edited on Unse Records.
"AC333T" is an improvisation on a 4 track tapes recorder. It's the only track on this Ep with drum and acid bassline.

Every songs are made on modular synth, korg ms20, Behringer Crave, Behringer TD3, Yamaha DX100, Yamaha MT1X and some effects pedals.
released November 11, 2020